Muzzle Velocity 750 m/s
Ammunition Capacity 30+1 Rounds
Ammunition 7.62x39mm
Cyclic Rate {{{cyclic rate}}}
Fire Mode Semi-Automatic
Range 350m
Recoil Light
Length {{{length}}}
Weight {{{weight}}}
Cost {{{cost}}}

The Tutayev is an Assault Rifle produced by the Alexandrovich Factory.


The Tutayev is based off the TKB-408.


The Tutayev is an affordable bullpup assault rifle, and this affordability combines with a good damage output to create a very exceptional rifle. The Tutayev has a vertically tilting bolt, which means that the weapon's cocking handle does not reciprocate when the weapon fires, unlike most other weapons. This means the weapon has noticeably less recoil than similar other weapons.