Every different player model has a different set of taunts. Taunts have no real use other than to gloat or for comedic value. Taunting can build morale and certain taunts can also give the player a special effect, such as an HP Buff or a few seconds of Rage. However, these taunts only make this effect after a cooldown of about a minute, making spamming taunts impracticable to getting a long amount of Rage.

Boston BoyEdit

  • Come At Me!

The player raises his hand, gestures towards himself with two fingers and says one of a few things:

"You want some o' dis?"

"Why don't ya say that to my face?"

"Is that how it is, huh?"

  • Muscle Flex

The player extends both his arms and flexes his muscles, then kisses one of them.

  • Gun Flip

The player puts his gun around his shoulders while making the 'cut-throat' symbol, saying:

"You're next, tough guy!"

"You can't even hit me if ya tried."