Muzzle Velocity 825 m/s
Ammunition Capacity 25+1 Rounds
Ammunition 7.62x57mm
Cyclic Rate {{{cyclic rate}}}
Fire Mode Semi-Automatic


Range 500m
Recoil Moderate
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Weight {{{weight}}}
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 Payerne is a Light Machine Gun that is produced by Peyer Unternehmen von Waffen GmbH.


The Payerne resembles the SIG KE-7.


The Payerne is a high quality Light Machine Gun, but it is less useful for suppressing enemies as it is not belt-fed. Thus, the weapon should be used more sparingly than belt-fed Machine Guns. The weapon can be fired either automatically or semi-automatic, and does not come with a selector switch; rther, you only click once to fire one round and hold it down to fire more than one.

The weapon comes with a quick-change barrel, which can be useful if the weapons overheats, though this probably will not happen because of the low ammunition capacity.


The Payerne is a high quality Light Machine Gun, but because of it's high quality it can be susceptible to the elements. Cleaning should be done regularly with this weapon, but the weapon's cleaning kit is carried seperately from the weapon.