Morale is a large game mechanic in Frontlines. Morale can shift the face of a battle for better or for worse. When a player has high morale, the player will move faster and have greater accuracy, and generally be more successful in battle. When a player's morale is low, however, the player will move more slowly and aim less accurately, and probably die much faster. Also, if it gets very low, the player will become panicked and barely able to function in battle, leaving them very vulnerable.  There are many ways to get or lose morale. Firing a weapon in can decrease morale quite a bit for enemies, although this is offset by the inherent morale generated by teammates. However, if teammate's morale is lowered, so is the morale that they generate. Morale can be generated by Morale Boosters, Commanders and friendly units like vehicles. Morale can be lost by supression, or enemies with Rage or other morale-lowering features.

Morale GenerationEdit

Morale is generated by this equation:

Base Morale - Negative Incoming Morale + Positive Friendly Morale + Morale Generated by Boosters - Morale Generated by Destroyers + Morale Boosts