Weight {{{weight}}}
Length {{{length}}}
Height {{{height}}}
Width {{{width}}}
Crew 3
Top Speed {{{top speed}}}
Range 400 km
Armor 10-32mm
Main Armament {{{main armament}}}
Secondary Armament {{{secondary armament}}}
Ammunition Carried 80 37mm Rounds
Suspension {{{suspension}}}
Engine 8 Cylinder Petrol
Operational Range {{{operational range}}}
Cost $1500
The Grimsby is an Armored Car built by the Coventis company.


The Grimsby is designed off the Alvis Saladin.


Mark IEdit

The base model of the Grimsby comes equipped with a 37mm Cannon and two .30 Machine Guns.

Mark IIEdit

The second model of the Grimsby comes equipped with a 20mm Cannon, which is much more effective against infantry but not against tanks.

Mark IIIEdit

The third model of the Grimsby is equipped with a 40mm Gun, which increases it's stopping power but sacrifices ammunition.

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