Arnulf Radek
Name Arnulf Radek
Namesake Sgt. Arnulf Radek, Hero of the Fourth Battle of Tyartuu in the First Civil War
Ordered 1931 Fiscal Year
Builder Kuopyo Imperial Shipyard
Laid down 4 October 1932
Launched 23 September 1933
Commissioned 25 December 1933
Fate Sunk at Battle off Bermuda, 11 February 1943
General characteristics
Type Ensio Jaak Richard class Destroyer
Displacement 1,700 tons (Initial)

1,900 tons (1936)

2,150 tons (1943)

Length 119.7 m
Beam 10.4 m
Draught 3.5 m
Installed Power 2 shafts, 55,000 shp
Propulsion 3x Gray, Holt & Messyr High Pressure Boilers, 2x Zedlitz Vikander AG Geared Turbines
Top Speed 39 knots
Range 5,500 nm
Complement 253
Armament 6x 128mm/58 Typp 23 Dual Purpose Guns (3x2)

9x 635mm Typp 20 Torpedo Launchers (3x3)

2x Y-Gun Depth Charge Throwers

18x Depth Charges

Armor None
Arnulf Radek was the third vessel of the Ensio Jaak Richard class of destroyers built by the Imperial Navy of the Confederation of Lavrunaria.

Arnulf Radek led a relatively short career. She participated in Lavrunarian Neutrality Patrols during the Fascist Crisis, capturing the French submarine NdN SM149 when it surfaced because of a control error off the coast of Tyartuu. Later, during the Franco-Lavrunarian War, Arnulf Radek initially patrolled the waters around Tyartuu, sinking another submarine before being put into Task Force 21 which sailed to intercept the French battleship François de La Rocque. In the ensuing Battle off Bermuda, Arnulf Radek formed part of the Diversionary Squadron under Vice-Admiral Veikko von Ljungman. Early in the battle, Arnulf Radek came under sustained fire from the French destroyers Le Rapide and L'Incorruptible. She was struck by multiple 138mm shells, destroying the forward gun mount and heavily damaging the bridge. At 11:02 a 138mm shell, probably from Le Rapide, set off her forward magazine and destroyed the ship.

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